I'm Lianne, and I am the owner/maker/creative behind the brand.

The Huffing Dog is not your ordinary store.

The aim is to create goods for you, your home, special occasions and even your dog!

In 2014

A year after we had rescued our dog Lola, I wanted to create a little side hustle making bandanas for pets. The name came from (I'm sure you have guessed) Lola and her huffing ways. I thoroughly enjoyed making products for dogs, but it also felt quite limiting as I love to use a multitude of trades.

After nearly 10 years

and much consideration, I felt it was the perfect moment to embark on a new path with The Huffing Dog, channeling all my acquired skills into crafting products that truly reflected my vision.

I've been hand screen printing for over 12 years and am an avid sewing machinist since around the age of 9.

I have an industrial embroidery machine setup, and can also fully digitise my artwork to convert designs into embroidery files. I love punch needle and have a tufting gun, with the aim of hopefully producing more rugs and wall hangings in the next year. Basically if I can make it myself... I probably will.

Finally 2024

It's time to test the water and see where I can take The Huffing Dog. I'm looking forward to the journey ahead, and even though sadly our Lola is no longer with us, we now have a little Maple, who might I add, is keeping the 'huffing' part of the brand well and truly alive.